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Her love interest, as well, helps to train her in the sport, while she tries to help him win the affections of another girl. She just had to explain why she had tampons in her bag, being a boy.

The character came up with the excuse that she gets really bad nose bleeds and the tampons absorb the blood right up.

Amanda Bynes was passing herself off as a boy in the film.

She's the Man is one of the most underrated high school movies there are, with a lot of physical comedy, as well as memorable characters and lines.

Both Channing Tatum, who played Duke and Robert Hoffman, who played Justin were in the film franchise.Five years before She's the Man Disney Channel released its own tale based on Shakespeare's play, Motocrossed.It had a similar premise, where the female was told she wasn't as good as the boys in a sport, and took on the persona of her brother to prove everyone wrong, including her parents who wanted her to stay away from the sport (in this movie, however, it was her dad not her mom).1O years ago, a little film came out starring Amanda Bynes, and up-and-comer Channing Tatum.While it had all the makings of a normal high school comedy, it had a certain twist that seemed hard to pull off.

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For what it is, She's the Man is a good little family oriented comedy that though not perfect is a pretty decent, entertaining film that has quite a few good laughs.

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