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"); olark.configure("locale.away_message", "We're not around but please leave us a message"); olark.configure("locale.name_input_text", "Click here and type your name"); olark.configure("locale.email_input_text", "Click here and type your email"); olark.configure("locale.phone_input_text", "Click here and type your phone number"); olark.configure("locale.offline_note_message", "Have a question about Olark live chat or a Support Query?To speed up the process please give us as much info about your issue as you can.For a complete list of shortcuts available, visit the Media Wiki: Emoticons page on your community.Admins can customize the chat emoticons on their communities by editing that page.

A user who is already blocked is automatically banned from chat.

Emoticons can be any standard image file type, should be hosted on FANDOM, and must be 19 x 19 px in size.

If they aren't that size, they will be scaled to it.

For unsupported languages, users can write API calls for every text string in the chatbox, including action buttons and form controls.

Where text provides information to the user specific to your website, strings can be changed on the Settings page.

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If a user is banned from chat, an administrator or chatmod can unban directly from the chat, or by going to the user's contributions page and clicking on unban.