Black mobilephone chatrooms

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The banner ads can be annoying after a while, doubly true if you use IRC on a daily basis. For some reason, And Chat is the IRC app that’s most recommended in casual conversation, at least in my experience. Some features you may find useful: And Chat’s feature set is fine. It feels very dated, so navigation can be clunky at times and it isn’t the most beautiful app to look at.

Not that there’s anything wrong with And Chat per se, but there isn’t much to distinguish it either. There are a healthy number of options that you can tweak, but it isn’t enough to justify the subpar aesthetics. You can donate .22 USD if you want to help fund development, but And Chat hasn’t received a proper update in over a year so it may just be money down the drain. It may evolve into something more web-centric, such as group communication with Slack.

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