Carlie butler dating jackson harris

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Shay hasn’t finished Christmas shopping, couldn’t get the gym for Christmas, Shay goes to Costco & buys chocolate chip cookies & pizzas. Going out to dinner having ice cream, kids singing along to Jackson Harris Go Crazy in the van, HOW SHOULD WE DO YOUR HAIR!

Seeing two people - giving to a homeless person, giving 0 to a could to buy christma gifts for people, meeting up with Trevor to get this truck keys.

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ELLISVILLE -Jones County Junior College has announced the 2017 spring semester honor roll scholars.

Rocktard is annoyed because he wants to go to school but it is a saturday. Watching old Shaytard vlogs on the tv, going to watch Brotards birth video on the tv, Brotard playing with a pencil, Brotard trying to stand. At collates parents with boys of the family playing with a soccer ball, Danna is there helping making Spooky Pops, driving home in the dark night. Brotards birthday, Brotard’s birthday party, Candice made granola.

Brotard standing by himself, Shay throwing Brotard on to the bed. Colette/Mommytard/Katilette looking at the items in the garage, looking at the dining room table, looking at the kittens, Sontard watching Devinsupertramp videos on the tv, Zeke likes to be like a lap dog to Shay.

Grandmatard at the new house looking at the lights, Brotard & winston together, The mother cat is pregnant. Colette/Mommytard/Katilette in Utah with her family, Granpa Vincent crawling on the floor with Brotard, Brotard learning to crawl to the kids about Robin Williams, looking at Rocktards class room, Ceciley feeds Brotard grapes. - Shay going to fly to Canada, flying with Rawn, Shay with quite a few you tubers looking for clothes to wear at Buffer, sliding down the railing, looking at the faces on the building. Colette/Mommytard/Katilette in costco with the kids, Brotard on the phone to Shay. Looking COUPLES YOGA - Shay & Colette do yoga positions on the living room floor. Looking at the new furniture in Shay & collates room, DELICIOUS CHEWY SNACKS!Shay with Carlie in times square talking about naked painted girls, getting tickets to the Lion King on broadway. Kids playing outside in the snow throwing snowballs, meeting fans. back in idaho a missionary just came back from mexico b’cos the family are wearing sunberos. Babytard & Rocktard in the van pulling faces, Babytards face scaring rocktard. Shay with Princesstard on a chair lift, Shay teaching Colette how to ski, Shay in the closest in his robe editing the vlog & getting a sandwich from Mommytard. - Kayli cutting hair, Mommytard making tacos, Brotard wants the candy out of the pantry, doing burbees on the kitchen floor, Brailee & Princesstard dancing & signing to all about that bass, Brotard in a suitcase, Shay wrestling with the ids on the floor, MY FAVORITE THING TO DO! - Shay looking at the cats, making a song up about food, feeding the cats headed to cross fit.Talking to cops on horses, that know Shay, dominctard the horse. DADDY IS HOME - Colette/Mommytard/Katilette at walmart in search of Our Best Year Yet Vanity & her little boy, meeting for the 1st time. At grandma Colette/Mommytard/Katilette sneaks about in the back ground, Babytard plying schools with Rocktard, Babytard looking at an old baby photo of herself. Having dinner, Lexi is staying with them for a couple of days, 3 LEGGED BOXER IS MY HERO! watching the cats in the garage, Brotard crying in his crib. The family with Lisa & Ben out to dinner, asking people what they are getting sontard for his birthday. Sontard made origami, Mommytard looking online for swim suits. - Having a Trixin meeting Brett has arrived, Colette’s friend Sophie over folding socks, Brotard wrestling Rocktard. Colette/Mommytard/KAtilette playing American Girl dolls with the girls. Rocktards balloon flying away, Rocktard playing with Lego, for Rocktard anything in the past is yesterday anything in the future is Tomorrow, asking rocktard what he likes about sontard.Sontard & Shay clothes shopping, in the Disney store the girls wanting dresses, front door of the salt lake city temple, Brotard doing baby yoga. At grandma-greats she is wearing shaycarl socks, Brotard hitting Sontard. - Shay moisturising & exfoliating, Shay keeping his beard till after the Philly Eagles game, Sontard playing with a remote control verchal. Colette/Katilette/Mommytard collecting the kids from skating Sontard says how he did the splits, Making gummy bears with Babytards machine she got for christmas, Rocktard saying that it is his birthday GREAT DANE BODY PILLOW SNUGGLE SESSION! Picked up Rocktard from school, the kids at cross fit, at the store looking for jello for gummy bears, Rocktard on some mattress’s in the store. At the t shirt printing company watching the Trixin shirts get printed, Brotard lifting a yoga mat, Sontard making sloppy joes. At Epcot, in germany eating & dancing, meeting the Sacconejolys. Ceciley late birthday git to Sontard books signed by the author. On a segway at Playlist live 2015, setting up the Trixin booth, looking at the luggage. Rocktard with a wooden sword, kids playing Mazer Runner.Mommytard/KAtilette/Colette sorting out the closet, Princesstard schedule, Gage & Brailey over for a sleepover. Logan lost his keys on the slope & they were found. - Shay heading to cross fit, got pulled over by the cops for speeding. Babytard /Sontard doing karaoke - family home evening. Casey shooting, BBQ on the porch, Brotard with 2 suckers/lollypops in a nappy with red flowers on his head, A LETTER TO THE TOOTHFAIRY!

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- Sontard going to play football, Shay & Colette/Mommytard/Katilette watching Sontard play, Princesstard, Babytard & Rocktard at the concessions stand with Pepsi on it buying candy, Brotard trying to stand all by himself.

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