Dating alliance dk

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Dating alliance dk

Each death knight begins at level 55 in a phased, instanced area known as Plaguelands: The Scarlet Enclave.

Most of these death knights were destroyed during and after the Second War, either killed by the Alliance or transformed into liches by Death Knights were once virtuous defenders of Humanity.

Knights of darkness, wielding runes of death and destruction, bound by the will of the Death knights are the former champions of the Scourge.

They fortify their bodies and drain life energy itself with the power of blood, sharpen their blades and strike powerfully with the power of frost, and raise the dead while striking with the unholy fervor granted by undeath.

The requirement of already having a level 55 character in order to create a death knight was lifted in patch 6.1.

Death knights utilize enchanted rune weapons that enhance their abilities and are powerful foes on the battlefield.

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Born of the frozen north, death knights can command the frost in their veins to freeze the hearts and minds of their enemies, or even turn the ground beneath their feet to ice.

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