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The three sites are remnants of the Moorish influence in southern Spain.

The fortress Alhambra and the palace Generalife were built by the rulers of the Emirate of Granada.

"It's so exciting and it turns out it was a CIA spy camera." The family has had its Cold War suspicions for more than half a century, when David Mc Pherson Sr.

found the object in the forests of Lutes Mountain, near Moncton, while scouting for timber.

Luis Pacheco is an archivist and cataloguer of stratospheric balloon flights and launches dating back to their creation.The mystery that has plagued a New Brunswick family for more than five decades has been solved, with a satisfying Cold War espionage-flavoured denouement.Declassified documents from the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency in the United States reveal the origins of the white 181-kilogram box found hanging from a rotting parachute in a tree near Moncton in 1962.And I guess looking back now, the army probably had no choice — they couldn't tell us what it was." Two dozen black-and-white photos of "the thing" carefully preserved in the Mc Pherson family photo album were all that remained after it was brought onto their property and then quickly whisked away by the Canadian military. poses with 'thing in the woods' equipment he discovered in the forest in 1962 moments before the Canadian military whisked it away.Fifty-five years later, it has been determined to have been an American spy camera developed in part by the CIA.

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None of that surprised James Rogers, 74, who unknowingly helped Mc Pherson Sr. "I never thought it was a weather balloon," said Rogers, who was skeptical of the title the local newspapers had given the equipment he helped carry.