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(Baja California Sur, south of Baja California, has also reportedly seen a rise in organized-crime-related violence, as the CJNG moves on the Sinaloa cartel’s interests.) Clashes involving the Sinaloa cartels and CJNG have also stricken parts of Mexico along the Pacific coast.In Guerrero, fighting over lucrative opium and marijuana cultivation and trafficking routes has driven violence up.And of those 853 homicides recorded in the first months of this year, 588, or 68.9%, were organized-crime related, according to one report.A late-August report from Sinaloa newspaper Ríodoce, the Sinaloa cartel, led by Ivan Archivaldo Guzmán, one of El Chapo’s sons, has been preparing for war with the CJNG in areas that cartel controls in Sinaloa and Jalisco states.That brought the total force in central Sinaloa state to 6,000 troops tasked with enforcing the rule of law – though officials have said military personnel there spend much of their time dismantling synthetic-drug labs that continue to crop up there.Violence has cropped up in many parts of Mexico, but the fragmented nature of the fighting, and of the combatants, differentiates it from past periods of conflict.

“And this is not a fall brought about by the government but by his own family,” Hernandez added, referring to the involvement of Alfredo Beltran Guzmán.Acapulco, a picturesque beach town on the state’s coast, has been so marred by violence that it’s been called “Guerrero’s Iraq.” In the tiny state of Colima, spiraling violence has been attributed to fighting over the port of Manzanillo, a strategically valuable port for any trafficking organization.The homicide rate in Colima, home to about 700,000 people, is nearly 60 per 100,000 people, close to five times the national rate.Five soldiers were killed and several more wounded.Authorities suspected that Guzmán’s sons were behind the attack, trying to free the prisoner, but they denied it through their father’s lawyer, and the perpetrator remains unclear.

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Earlier this year, reports described low-level clashes in and around Tijuana between elements of the Sinaloa cartel and the CJNG, which has allied with what is left of the Arellano Felix Organization, a criminal group ousted from control of the area by the Sinaloa cartel in the 2000s.