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Effects of consolidating student loans

Having numerous loans with different lenders can be a headache to manage.

Making sure you make every payment on time, every month, is not only important to getting out of debt but it has a major impact on your credit score.

You should also consider refinancing as you might be eligible for a better interest rate, saving you money.

You can consolidate both your federal and private student loans together with a private lender such as a bank or credit union.

Let’s say you won the lottery and will be getting ,000 a month for life.

Often used interchangeably, consolidating and refinancing student loans refer to different things.

If you consolidate student loans, you are taking out a new loan in the amount of all of your existing loans combined.

When you combine your federal loans with your private loans, the new loan ceases to be a federal loan and all the advantages you had with your federal loan are gone.

That means if you get sick or lose your job and find yourself in a difficult financial situation, you are stuck with the harsher terms of your private loan.

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This terrible idea should be avoided by nearly everyone.

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