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As they hit the cool air conditioning the nipples of the younger one began to poke through her tee shirt. " I stopped on the sidewalk and she came right back out and said, "Its me, Kris, I was in your class, don't you remember the three bratty girls in the back you always had trouble with? Oh shit I thought, time has a way of getting by a lot faster theses days, I thought she was still in high school and here she wasn't an 18 year old, she was a full grown woman, but she still didn't look like she was much older than 16.

The more I sucked her nipples the more she thrust her pelvis towards me.We exchanged history since Kris' school days with me and I told them of my adventure to come and my new rolling home. I saw that as we drove in here, its really something", Kris said.I asked if they would like a tour and they both said sure."I guess I am having a bit of a pity party, for the past 5 years I have been getting her, (motioning out to Kris) through school and I miss having fun and I guess I envy you this trip and everything." I didn't have a fucking clue what to say to her.I could be a real asshole and try to get in her pants since she was vulnerable, or I could just listen.

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