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Paris also posted a photo of them the same day, in which they have their arms around each other, smiling serenely with drinks in their free hands.Members of the pop icon’s family were none too pleased when they found out that the legendary performer’s daughter was dating a man with a confederate Pantera tattoo.Michael Snoddy, who drums in the band ‘Street Drum Corps’, recently got a Pantera tattoo that includes the confederate flag front and center.But someone in the Jackson family needs to have a sit down with Paris.

Chameleon, in the disguise of Peter, arrived and kissed MJ very passionately to hide from some passing cops.She then went to Harry Osborn for her own comfort and the two became involved.Mary Jane received a letter from her father telling her he wanted to meet.Michael Jackson must be rolling in his grave, because the legend’s daughter, Paris, is now hooking up with a 26-year-old alleged racist!Pantera has incorporated the confederate flag into their music and designs for years up until recently — due to much of the national conversation involving the use of the flag.

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