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And as with most granny projects, this one is fast.

Loads of people are heading out into town to find the perfect partner, maybe even to get "The Ride".

And though our love for it occasionally wanes and we tuck those granny afghans and vests and jackets into the darker corners of our closets, we always seem to come back after a time with a fresh love and appreciation for what will always be a crochet staple. Those pesky cakes are all the rage, and love them or hate them (I love them), they’re going to be around a while. Now, normally if you make a scarf or cowl with side to side rows you’d get big chunky stripes.

With the weight of all that history and nostalgia on my shoulders, I bring you yet another granny stitch creation, my very first granny stitch creation – Granny Golightly. So why not try and use them to their best advantage? In Granny Golightly we have big chunky stripes, but I’ve added a ninety degree angle in the middle of the rows. That angle is the key to breaking up the wide areas of color.

This granny is an infinity scarf or cowl designed specifically for cake yarns to be fast, easy, and classic, but still a bit unique. This creates motion and interest instead of big blocks of color or long narrow stripes. The size you get will depend on the size of your cake.

See the details on my projects below for my recommendations. You’ll change up your stitches in the beginning and end of each row just slightly to achieve this.

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