Great dating tagline examples

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Great dating tagline examples

Speaking of fascinating, if you really want to learn how to capture someone’s attention, in person or in print, check out Sally Hogshead’s excellent book, Fascinate.Another comment mistake that people make when writing their dating profile is to list the activities that they enjoy without giving any context.Baby boomers today are redefining life after 60 and setting an example for future generations.

Gone are the days when “aging gracefully” was the only appropriate option for people our age.

Instead of saying that you like hiking, talk about the time that you climbed Machu Picchu and camped under the stars.

Some people are afraid to be too bold in their dating profiles.

Be genuine and embrace what makes you a little quirky or different.

You may not appeal to everyone, but, you don’t need to. Or, are you saying what you think other people want to hear? Ask one or more friends what they appreciate most about you.

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Few men are going to look like Georgy Clooney and few women are going to look like Jane Seymour.