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Iraqi dating culture

Today the Iraq-born community in Victoria is culturally diverse, with settlers from many ethnic and cultural backgrounds including Arabs, Kurds, Tourkomans, Chaldeans and Assyrians.

Although Islam is the dominant religion in Iraq, only 28% of the Iraq-born immigrants living in Victoria are Muslim; 60% are Christian.

Everyday items, some thousands of years old, speak to traditions handed down from generation to generation: a drum, a rattle, a pot, a bowl and a ladle, a lute and a trumpet, a Kurdish doll.

These items provide insight into the continuity of household and family life.

Gold ornaments, ivories, coins, glass pitchers and containers, and a mosaic panel are among the ancient materials that speak to a long history of cultural interaction, trade, influence, and migration under the rule of multiple empires.

Syrian-born artist Issam Kourbaj offers an “art intervention” via stand-alone artworks installed throughout the exhibition.

He was trained at the Institute of Fine Arts in Damascus, the Repin Institute of Fine Arts in Leningrad (St.

Petersburg), and at Wimbledon School of Art (London).

Over half of Iraq-born Victorians are aged under 35, and only 19% are aged over fifty.The Center for Ethics and the Rule of Law at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, in collaboration with the Penn Museum and the Museum’s Penn Cultural Heritage Center, hosts an international, by-invitation-only conference for international experts on The Preservation of Art and Culture in Times of War at the Museum.The Keynote Panel Discussion, New Frontiers in the Protection of Cultural Property, is open to the public Tuesday evening, April 4, from to pm.Palmyrene funerary reliefs, a Hebrew tombstone, an eye idol, incantation bowls, and a manuscript page from a Qur’an provide tangible evidence of a long history of religious and ethnic diversity in the region.Unfathomable to many Americans, in the Middle East people go about their daily lives alongside ancient ruins, inhabit cities that date back millennia, and value their historic neighborhoods and markets because of their association with the past.

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, a new special exhibition at the Penn Museum opening April 8, considers these questions.

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