Issues with updating many rows oracle

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Practical example: If you have a large number of WWW-links in one content management system, and you don't want to enter them again if you switch to another, this is the way to do it. NOTE: To copy data from one table to another inside just one database, remove the reference to database2 in the above INSERT...

SELECT statement, like this: INSERT INTO table1 (field1,field3,field9)SELECT table2.field3,table2.field1,table2.field4FROM table2; NOTE TO ABOVE NOTE: You can simplify the above INSERT ...

If you have a application that is not in this format (DD-MM-YYYY), you can use substring to correct this in your SQL statement. INSERT INTO Orders (id Contact, Contractno, Description, Startdate ) VALUES ( '2', '2040906', '', CONCAT(SUBSTRING('',7,4), SUBSTRING('',4,2), SUBSTRING('',1,2) )) Using INSERT INTO ...SELECT, FROM table2 k, table3 l, Mtable4 o , table5 c, table6 ad WHERE = AND = k.order Id AND = o.campaign Id AND l.deletion Status Id = 0 AND Id = Campaign Id AND Id = Order Id AND Id = Keyword Id AND Engine Account Id = pc.account Id AND c.account Id = pc.account Id AND ad.order Id = AND ad.deletion Status Id = 0 AND Id = Ad Id ) WHERE pc.account Id = 8303 AND = to_date('04/03/2013','MM/DD/YYYY') I not work, you have to return exactly one real value.If you are trying to set the value in a column in a row, the subquery must return exactly one value.You may need to add more primary key columns to the SELECT list and re-execute to see which rows are showing up that you did not intend, and help you figure out why." id="ctl00_m_m_i_ctl00_gr_ctl05_bestanswerbody" class="textarea-bestanswerhidden" name="bestanswerbody" answerbody Id="5156903" / As the error message indicates, the query inside the parentheses is required to return only one row, but it is returning more than one.The UPDATE statement can only use one row's values as the new ones, so you must tell it how to narrow the choice down to one row - it cannot guess, and must return an error.

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You can use the following select statement: SELECT id FROM mytable WHERE id IS NULL;"id" has to be an auto_increment column to make it work.

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