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She never attended high school or college, but she ostensibly met behind a dumpster with a small group of three to learn French.

She became fluent in French, as evidenced in "The One Where Joey Speaks French." She also speaks some Italian, and has a short conversation in Italian with Joey's grandmother, Nonnie in "The One Where Ross Can't Flirt." Her language skills are treated somewhat inconsistently.

But three ..." Being pregnant, Phoebe is not allowed to fly on an airplane to London for Ross's wedding, so she stays behind in New York and listens to the wedding through a phone held by Joey.

("The One With Ross's Wedding") Phoebe feels left out when her friends talk about London, so they arrange for her and the rest of them to go to Atlantic City.

She moved her furniture piece by piece into her grandmother's apartment.

("The One With The Flashback") Phoebe is introduced as the quirky one of the group.

They divorce because he wants to get married to another woman, revealing that he was never gay.

She is a masseuse, and she plays guitar in the coffee house Central Perk.

Years later, Duncan returns unexpectedly to request a divorce from Phoebe because he has realized that he isn't really gay, and that he is in love with a woman.

In 1993, Phoebe, not being able to take Monica's obsessive neatness, started to secretly move out.

Her friends never say so, apparently due to some mix of love for Phoebe and her odd tunes, but she isn't very talented.

It is revealed that Phoebe is married to Duncan, a gay Canadian ice dancer.

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They move in together, but the next morning she breaks up with him when he shoots a bird. But Monica takes Chandler to the hospital when a tiny plastic gun is stuck in his throat, leaving her alone with the babies.

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