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L r eol dating

Have you ever started an upgrade to your network only to find out that your licenses are too old?Has your IT maintenance contract ever lapsed, then when you try to add equipment back onto a contract, you learn that the manufacturer no longer supports the product?It is critical to keep up with manufacturer notices regarding products that are nearing end-of-life.This will also keep you abreast of new upgrade options once these products are replaced.The current policy replaces the previous Q1 Labs Support Lifecycle published in 2013. uid=swg21639763 The QRadar Support Lifecycle is as follows: Software Support - QRadar adheres to the Enhanced (5 3) Support Lifecycle Policy, available to QRadar customers current on Subscription & Support for Version/Release/Modification levels that have not yet reached end of support, with the following exceptions: IBM Security App Exchange: Software downloaded and installed from the IBM Security App Exchange is not covered under your QRadar Software Support Agreement.Specific support related details for software downloaded from the IBM Security App Exchange is communicated at the time of download. We have been extremely impressed with the capabilities and performance of their products and even more with their support and willingness to work with us to add features or address issues.

End-of-Sale The end-of-sale date is the last day to order the product through Cisco’s point-of-sale mechanisms.

They will also provide three years of TAC support for application software issues.

Cisco will keep an inventory of spares for five years following the Eo S date.

Lightroom CC 2015.12 / 6.12 does not include performance improvements based on your survey responses.

We appreciate your candid feedback on Lightroom performance, and are working on several projects to address your concerns.

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It is important to note the only way to receive continuous support for Eo S items is to continue to renew a Smart Net maintenance renewal through the LDo S.