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The number of messages I received on OKCupid confirmed that I had something valuable to offer. True, I still had some weight to lose and wasn’t completely confident in myself.

But I wasn’t about to accept the first guy that came my way. I constantly worried about talking and acting perfectly.

Yet I forgot the opinion that mattered most—my opinion of myself.

I was more attractive because I cared about myself and what I put into my body.Loving yourself is the first step to finding somebody else to love you. I imagined myself walking up to him and telling him how I felt, though I never turned those dreams into reality. I had a handful of crushes in the past, but I was going to encounter a beast I had no clue how to handle: a potential crush on .My crushes as an overweight girl started when I was in elementary school. It began as an odd acquaintanceship with Mike in my freshman year of high school. Though the compliments were strange, they were detail-oriented and weren’t backhanded. Another part of me said that he was just taunting me.Before you enter a relationship, you need to be able to give yourself what you want to give another.You need to be able to love, forgive and trust yourself before you can consider giving them to another person.

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I was waiting for him to tell me I wasn’t good enough, the way I told myself that every day. If you start a relationship when you don’t love yourself, you’ll have many hardships along the way. My peers were starting to have relationships as young as 12. In my experience, it’s better to let love come naturally.

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