Life sexy came Chat playboy

Posted by / 25-Aug-2017 21:59

I feel gullible in a way because yet again, I let social media distract me.

12 straight months of challenging our bills and stuff, and here we are now with a nice pile of change :) And ,484.07 at that!

I did not join Linked In to become an influencer, rack up meaningless stats or build a personal brand.

The game that is social media nearly dragged me in headfirst.

While on the phone to loved ones I’d check the comments.

While on the toilet I’d check the comments (okay probably too much information).

Instead of creating content, I had become a consumer all over again. Yes, for those that didn’t know, many people had forgotten about Linked In until many began rejoining or using their accounts again this year. They came back wanting the free organic reach that their content would be given on Linked In.

train for so long that I stopped paying attention to my monthly expenses and needed a kick to get back on track again.Digital addiction is taking over and we must fight back!By no means am I saying social media or Linked In is bad: what I’m saying is that you need to know why you’re on it and keep it under control.From battling with cable companies, prying ourselves from our (once) beloved i Phones, hawking stuff on Craigslist every week, scooping up free change thrown on the ground by dummies, stashing away birthday money, slashing insurance rates and more.And to think it all came out of one simple line of text from Mr.

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The challenge with all social media is that the more success you have in the form of engagement, the more addicted to the attention you become.