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Married dating in lucama north carolina

All of these beliefs continue to guide the efforts of the modern farm today. After serving in the United State Army during World War II, Linwood, Sr.

Elijah believed in moving forward and leaving a legacy. returned to the family farm and became very active in the farming and in local communities.

Elijah Scott, like his father, was a tremendous and loyal farmer.

Living and working on the farm all his life, Elijah became one of the most notable farmers in the region.

Believing as his father and grandfather before him, Sonny wanted more for the family farm.

Continuing with the mindset that hard work and a quality product were what the Scott name represented, he set plans in motion to incorporate the farm.

Farm land expansion followed, new crops were added, and by the end of 1985 the vision was becoming reality.Linwood quickly became a distinguished farmer and member of the agribusiness community in his own right.Working with his father and the heritage of his ancestors that farmed the same land, Linwood, III has emerged as one of the most respected farmers in the country.Beginning with only a share of 275 acres divided among siblings as a gift from his father, Elijah began producing some of the finest crops of tobacco in Wilson County.His fervent work ethic, attention to detail, and pride in quality are attributes he passed on to his children and ultimately his grandchildren.

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Embracing the bond he cherished with his children and a strong desire to see the future of Scott Farms become something more, Linwood, Sr.