Minnesota law mandating teacher contract settlement

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The elected union must bargain for the collective interests of the members of the bargaining unit.

Both the school district and the union representing teachers must bargain in good faith.

Teachers spend a lot of time and money educating themselves, helping in the community, supporting students, and gathering and creating great resources for students to use in the classroom.

We would love to know all the things teachers do for the students.

Similarly, the collective bargaining agreement should recognize contract rights that may already exist through other agreements.

Negotiations may fail to lead to a completed agreement between a teachers' union and a school board.

However, this step in the process may not bring resolution to the dispute.Parties usually go through a series of options once an impasse has occurred, though public and private school teachers' options may differ.The first step after an impasse is declared is usually mediation.In some states, fact-finding is the final stage of impasse resolution, leaving the parties to bargain among themselves.A third option is arbitration, though this is generally only employed in the public education sector.

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The duty of parties to bargain in good faith is important in the collective bargaining process, since negotiations between school districts and unions can become intense and heated.

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