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I don’t suppose anyone besides Priyanka and Shahrukh will ever be able to really answer that.

Here is what it looked like from the outside: Shahrukh and Priyanka worked together on Don 1, on various ads and live stage performances, they seemed to have a decent working relationship. They co-starred in Don 2, which was strongly built on the chemistry between them, and during the promotions for Don 2, rumors started flying that they were having an affair.

A producer recently approached Salman with a script for the two stars.

Salman is said to have categorically refused, though Priyanka was ready to sign the film if the superstar agreed to work with her.

Priyanka's problem is she has distanced herself from both Salman and Shah Rukh, the two actors who primarily call the shots.Knowing Ranbir's choosy ways, it could be a long time before he agrees to sign another film with the talented actress.Priyanka has worked with Ajay Devgn just once so far - in the 2005 dud, Blackmail.It is also possible that nothing happened at all and the media mis-interpreted their chemistry onscreen as chemistry off screen.They got through the Don 2 promotions and remained publicly friendly through out the entire period (including Shahrukh attending her father’s funeral, along with her other co-stars and colleagues from the industry).

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