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As Voltaire put it, “give me ten minutes to talk away my ugly face and I can bed the queen of France.” With night game, you need to be able to instill primal, lustful attraction in a girl in order to walk away with the prize.

This isn’t terribly difficult in the Philippines, seeing as Filipinos are in love with all things white and American, but night game still has a difficulty curve that less socially savvy guys might have trouble clearing.

For example, roughly 60 percent of my lays in Davao were from online dating, 35 percent from day game and five percent from night game.

I’ve come to the conclusion that night game, day game and online game are each really geared for men with different personalities.

While the distinction between “bar girls”/”club girls” and the rest of the female population is meaningless in the U.

S.—sorry haters, but the girls in bars are the a reservoir of women who avoid the club scene and try to remain chaste until marriage. You’ll find attention whores, druggies, yellow cabs looking to hook up with well-endowed white men, hookers you can shore (seduce and fuck for free), and scenester phonies, but no good girls.

The discrepancy is because I spent a couple months pipelining girls on Filipino Cupid before I came to the Philippines; a good thing because the nightlife in Davao is a joke.

In contrast, there were so many girls to pick up both day and night in Manila that I simply didn’t have the time for online dating. Day and online game require a warm-up period where you take the girl on dates, feel her out, develop rapport and eventually get the bang.

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If there’s one good thing about the Philippines, it’s that living there has forced me to diversify my game arsenal. S., I was mainly reliant on day game (with the occasional carousing in bars), but the Philippines almost you to do night, day and online game in roughly equal measures.