Single parent dating superior arizona

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Single parent dating superior arizona

One of the car’s passengers, 18-year-old Samon Smith, quickly engaged in a fistfight with somebody at the center, according to court documents.A crowd of about 30 people soon assembled to watch the confrontation.She wasn’t arrested until a grand jury formally indicted her and the other suspects.

Two handguns were reportedly inside the vehicle as it drove up to the youth facility.They were then re-indicted a couple weeks later on more than 20 additional counts of aggravated assault.Many of the new charges are considered dangerous crimes against children, since many of the bystanders at the shooting were juveniles.During the fight, another passenger retrieved a handgun and ran over to the crowd.Smith allegedly grabbed the firearm and proceeded to fire several shots.

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According to court documents, Caldwell denied knowing guns were in her car or that anybody was going to use them.