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On 18 August 2017, at around local time (UTC 3), 10 people were stabbed in central Turku, Southwest Finland.

Police were informed at and by the suspect, a 22 year-old Moroccan asylum seeker Abderrahman Bouanane was detained.

The latter are individual attackers, possibly but not necessarily being helped by family and/ or friends as accomplices.

Likewise, the suspect attacker's profile is similar to that of several other recent radical Islamist terror attacks that have taken place in Europe and Supo considers the incident to be the first suspected terrorist strike in Finland.

The main suspect admitted to causing the deaths and injuries, but denied that they constituted murder with terrorist intent.

NBI was at the time investigating the case in cooperation with Europol and Interpol and focusing on background issues, such as whether the attack was conducted in isolation or whether an organization guided the suspects, as well as trying to locate the sixth suspect outside of Finland. According to persons interviewed at the Pansio reception centre by national broadcaster Yle, the main suspect arrived to the centre in December 2016 and displayed radicalist behaviour during his stay, such as asking how he could join the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), listening to radicalist sermons on his phone and considering Finns to be infidels.

Four more men with Moroccan backgrounds had subsequently been arrested while one Moroccan person was placed under an international arrest warrant.

A white Fiat Ducato belonging to one of the suspects was seized during the raids.

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The Turku City Library and Hansa shopping centre were evacuated, and the police initially advised people to avoid the city centre area.