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n the past months I have begun to feel very pressured and this overwhelming sensation that something terrible is about to transpire.

D., retired Mc Donnell Douglas aerospace engineer, from whistleblower Timothy Cooper. And it had been decapitated — all four limbs had been removed. there was very little or no blood on the fur, or at the scene.” - Tony Jenkins, Co-Founder, SNARL, Norwood, England Retired New York park police officer, Tony Velez, sent to Earthfiles this blow-up he made from his daughter Laurie's i Phone video image of what she thought was a “ bright star” that repeatedly flashed.

I find I have to sleep with the light on.” - Resident in North Queensland, Australia October 9, 2017 - Global Survey Finds Nicotine-Based Pesticides in Honey Around the World. of Neuchatel, Switzerland his new study also confirmed that 48% — nearly HALF — of the contaminated honey samples had neonicotinoid levels that exceeded the smallest dose of the poison known to cause "marked detrimental effects" in honey bees and other pollinators. Pennsylvania beekeeper David Hackenberg told me he and other beekeepers suspectd the nicotine-based pesticides even then in 2007. D., and Universities Space Research Assoc.'s David Kring, Ph.

ur global survey showed that 75% of all analyzed honey samples contained at least one neonicotinoid in quantifiable amounts and that these pesticides are found in honey samples from all continents and regions.” - E. For original report, see: — Leaked EPA Document Says Bayer's Nicotine-Based Clothianidin Kills Honey Bees. D., have calculated the amounts of gases that erupted with lava from lunar volcanoes 3.5 billion years ago that formed an atmosphere around the moon that had lots of water in it. Needham reports, “The total amount of H2O released during the emplacement of the mare basalts is nearly twice the volume of water in Lake Tahoe.

NEXUS Editor Duncan Roads notes that the USS Sennet was reported to have arrived at Port Nicholson, Wellington, New Zealand, on February 11, 1947.

Photograph taken by the TS Clench Bolt Task Force 68 that also includes the USS Sennet (SS-408) submarine.

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