Updating databases in dating azdg 2016 nl

Posted by / 06-Sep-2016 17:58

Can be used for upgrading legacy infrastructure and/or upgrading Postgres versions.Requires downtime of about 3 minutes per GB, though this can vary substantially.Instead of writing the backup to a disk however, it streams it over the wire directly to the restore process on the new database.PG copy requires approximately 3 minutes per GB, although this can vary substantially depending on schema and database plan.

Upgrading an active Heroku Postgres database is a significant operation and should be done with care.It will perform faster on larger database plans that have faster I/O.The best way to get an accurate estimate of time required is to perform a dry run (go through the upgrade procedure but skip the Promote step).There are three different upgrade processes available.In all cases, some amount of application downtime is required so that no data is written to the new or old databases during the changeover. Required for upgrading Hobby tier databases (hobby-dev and hobby-basic) within the Hobby tier and to the production tier.

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