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Vb net updating database

In addition, whatever action triggered the Validate event can be cancelled if you set the value of Action to zero (or to the predefined constant vb Data Action Cancel) prior to exiting the Validate event procedure.The values of Action and their corresponding predefined constants are as follows: is a run-time only Boolean property available with data-bound controls (such as the textboxes you have been using), typically used in the Validate event.In previous exercises, you saw that with the data control, changes to a record are automatically updated when the user moves off of that record – this is the Update method of the recordset object of the data control at work.You also saw that, by setting the EOFAction of the data control to "2 – Add New", the data control will invoke the Add New method of the recordset object, which causes all the bound controls to be cleared so that the user can enter data.What is happening is that the data control is automatically invoking specific methods of the recordset object: namely the Move First, Move Previous, Move Next, and Move Last methods.You can also invoke these methods through code, which is what this exercise demonstrates.6. Type some data in all the fields (the author ID will be entered automatically), then move to a previous record.The Action argument tells you which particular action (Move First, Update, etc.) caused the Validate event to fire.The value of Action can be tested by comparing it to a literal integer value (1, 2, 3, etc.) or with its corresponding VB predefined constant (vb Data Action Move First, vb Data Action Update, etc.).

The recordset object also has a Delete method, which can only be invoked through code – it cannot be accessed automatically through the data control.5.If the user attempted to update the record at that point, a run-time error would occur.To prevent this from happening, you should move the user to a valid record immediately following the delete.Database Name is the name of the database you want to use, and the Record Source is the name of the table in that database that you want to use.3.On your form, create a text box for each field in the Authors table, with labels.

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For further information on why data bound controls are "evil", read The intrinsic Data control is geared toward MS-Access 97 and earlier databases, although a later VB service pack added connectivity for Access 2000 databases. To do these exercises, you should make a folder into which you will copy the two database files mentioned above.

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