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Web camera livesxs

The arch is monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by a live webcam.

When visiting Fairbanks, be sure to wave to your family and friends back home!

This might include all newborn bucklings (male baby goat), older dairy goats who are no longer fertile, and any goat who does not produce the desired amount of milk.

We know first hand how hard it is for dairy operations to remain solvent.

Nigerians have the highest butterfat content of any goat and make an average of 2-3 cups per milking. So, the highest producers, also often have the highest percentage of lactose in their milk. While we work to improve the genetics of our herd with each breeding, we keep all our dairy goats and feel they all have something to offer on the milk stand.

Culling practices can help farms increase their profit margin, save time and work towards genetics in a dairy herd that emphasize high milk production.

We have consciously chosen another path for our animals.

If the sun and wind don't clear the rime ice, staff travel only once a week to the summit to clear the window.

Sunflower Farm is one of a handful of No Cull commercial dairy goat farms in the state.

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Because they make such incredible outdoor pets, we have had no problem finding homes for all the kids.