White man dating a muslim woman

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After watching helpless as they targeted about six people, the police arrived but one of the attackers who had been filming the assaults on his phone attempted to evade officers.Mr Nosrati said the man, since identified as 19-year-old Faruq Patel, appeared “really relaxed playing with his mobile” but appeared to be deleting incriminating videos.Pawel Uczciwek, 28, from London, claims he was sticking up for his girlfriend and attempting to defuse what he called a 'racist attack from three random females'.

Police said the first call they received was in the early hours of Saturday morning after the episode from the victim.An architect has denied trying to pull a Muslim teenager's hijab off, saying he was defending his black girlfriend.His comments come after 18-year-old Aniso Abulkadir from Harrow, London, claimed she and her friends were racially assaulted at Baker Street Tube station yesterday morning.“I wanted to defend him so I went up and asked ‘why are you doing this?’” the 35-year-old told “Then they asked if I was a Muslim.

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I said it doesn’t matter but the man said ‘just give me an answer’.

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