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In the series finale, Kaylie, Payson, Lauren and newcomer Jordan Randall land spots on the U. Hobbs attended an advanced secondary school arts curriculum school, being enrolled in an intensive acting program. During her youth, Hobbs has appeared in over 40 commercials, and has appeared in the kids' improvisational TV series, No Adults Aloud. 17: It's hard for any girl not to compare herself to her friends — even if you know that everybody's built differently. Chelsea [Hobbs], Josie, Cassie [Scerbo] and I have four totally different bodies. They're seeing me next to Josie [Loren], who is just tiny! Are you psyched for the new season of Make It or Break It (FYI it comes back tonight! Can you relate to Ayla's advice about body peace and guys? I put on my glasses to read a menu at a restaurant and my friends are like, 'Ugh, you're old.'17: You always look so confident on the show. But I never went through a crash diet phase—that's not good for your body.

Hobbs, 28, played Emily Kmetko, one of the four teenage gymnasts whose personal and athletic dramas formed the heart of “Make It or Break It.” All four were aiming to make the 2012 U. Only three girls can make the team, and of course other girls outside The Rock also coveted those slots.

The Rock girls have always had a main rival in Kelly Parker (Nicole Anderson), but it was decided to add a fourth girl to their group: Jordan Parker (Chelsea Tavares), a walk-on with a lot more attitude than Emily.

In a broad sense, then, the show can go where it originally was headed.

But Emily had the whole scrappy underdog thing going.

Then the real-life Hobbs got pregnant, which ruled out a gymnastics body even when someone else did the stunts.

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Cassie has tiny legs and Chelsea has the best butt I've ever seen. But we're also just as amazing doing our own thing.17: What's your secret for maintaining body peace? If my jeans feel tight, I'll order a salad instead of having pizza and a salad. For some reason if I always have water in my hand, I'll eat better.

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