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, they hadn’t seen enough of each other, and they needed to catch up, breathe some Northwest air, and maybe even vanish into a crowd unrecognized.They walked over to Wright Park, determined to have an ordinary day in the sun at Ethnic Fest, the city’s annual event celebrating diverse cultures with world music, gospel, and African dance.She was “not at the point of hospitalization yet,” her post read.“It won’t be long now until Sanjaya is gone.” As the judgments came down Sanjaya maintained a goofy brand of cool, a loose-limbed mischief.Sanjaya, it turned out, made a perfect teen idol in the mold of adolescent heartthrobs from Shaun Cassidy to the Jonas Brothers: slightly androgynous, sexy but unthreatening, with a high voice that apparently hadn’t dropped into manhood yet.

A blogger calling herself “J” launched an anti-Sanjaya hunger strike.

is that winners are insanely lucky and that landing a place on the show means a performer could become a really, really famous person, not just some obscure wannabe.

The realities, which have been well documented, are that singers are bound to restrictive contracts that allow them little creative input, and losers are tied down to solo tours and guest appearances well past their freshness expiration date.

A Google search for “Sanjaya Hair” turns up half a million results including a magazine timeline entitled “Sanjaya’s Hair: A Look Back.” In the early rounds, the judges trash-talked him relentlessly.

But every week, voters in the TV audience kept dialing the number to bring him back.

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Most memorable was a teetering faux-hawk, which he trotted out on March 27 in honor of guest judge Gwen Stefani.